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About Santhosh Car Gas

SanthoshCarGas is one of the well-known Gas Conversion Kit Repair and Service Centre in Chennai that may be known in different services such as Gas Conversion LPG kit, LPG Conversion Kit Services , LPG Conversion Kit Installation, Lovato gas conversion, Gas Conversion Kit services kit Etc. We service PAN Chennai in All locations.

We started on 2001 having 16 years of rich experience our product and services ensure that the varied needs of customers are fulfilled in the way they want. Perfect combination of Manpower and Materials has helped us to prove our competency in the market. that will suit your requirement that will be value for money solution.

Benefits of Gas Conversion Kit & LPG Conversions:

Presently, there are many automobile companies which offer vehicles that run on both petrol/diesel as well as LPG.

LPG conversions have many advantages and the top most advantage is of course, saving costs. Many LPG providers and suppliers also offer these conversion kits at competitive prices. They offer their expert know-how and services also.

Also, LPG does not contain any lead or carbon deposit and hence, it is not as harmful as petrol or diesel when it comes to the environment.

The calorific value of LPG is higher due to which the power generated is higher compared to petrol. The smoother combustion of auto gas results in higher-octane content. Unlike other fuels, no additives are required. This is because of the absence of acids and carbon deposits. The engine oil does not become diluted and thereby reducing the servicing cost.

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